About Us

What We Do

By strengthening the skills of the workforce, the Michigan Public Health Training Center (MPHTC) supports public health professionals to promote and protect the health and well-being of Michigan's population. The MPHTC offers competency-based training linked to the Essential Public Health Services and the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals. This training strengthens skills in:

  • Analytic assessment
  • Policy development and program planning
  • Communication
  • Cultural competency
  • Community dimensions of practice
  • Basic public health sciences
  • Financial planning and management, and
  • Leadership and systems thinking

Recognizing the value of increasing organizational capacity and creating learning organizations in existing public health entities, the MPHTC is committed to tailoring training to course participants, and offering courses to Michigan-based public health organizations upon request.

How We Do It

Our trainings are offered in a variety of modalities such as:

  • On-site trainings in different areas of the state
  • Online mentored and self-paced courses
  • Interactive Television (ITV)
  • CD-ROMs
  • Webcasts

Trainings are designed to promote effective and accessible learning opportunities. Through distance learning, for example, the MPHTC strengthens technological skills and links public health workers within Michigan and across state and national borders. Our courses are low-cost, or free, and scholarships are available for those working in Michigan.

Who Benefits

Upon successful course completion, participants may receive a Certificate of Completion that details the competencies achieved. Continuing Education credit for a variety of public health professions is also available for most courses.

Intersectoral Public Health

The MPHTC recognizes that the complex system of public health includes many professions and organizations in addition to state and local health departments. To promote workforce development, the MPHTC helps build bridges between governmental health departments and other sectors of the public health system. Thus, the MPHTC serves the entire public health system in Michigan, which is defined according to the Institute of Medicine's vision of public health as the effective collaboration across six sectors: government, community, healthcare providers, academia, business, and the media.

Public Health System


A training arm of the University of Michigan School of Public Health Office of Public Health Practice, the MPHTC is one of thirty-eight training centers nationwide funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Bureau of Health Professions. These public health training centers, located across the country at schools of public health, assess the learning needs of the public health workforce and provide training to meet those needs. This provides a foundation to improve the Nation's public health infrastructure, as well as to achieve Healthy People 2020, the guiding set of health objectives for the Nation to accomplish in the first decade of the new millennium.


The MPHTC is addressing nine key goals, with special emphasis on strengthening organizational capacity through leadership, outcome measurement, and learning organizations.