1. Complete the development of the MPHTC's capacity to develop and present competency-based courses utilizing multiple training modalities.
  2. Expand the diversity, level and coverage of the foundational competencies provided by MPHTC courses and other trainings, including those offered by the PHTC network.
  3. Develop a "leadership track" of training for current, new and potential leaders of Michigan's public health workforce, including the competency to form and maintain effective partnerships with other sectors of the public health system.
  4. Strengthen the capacity of Michigan's public health organizations to serve as "learning organizations" supporting training of their employees and sharing acquired competencies.
  5. Integrate the activities of the MPHTC with other workforce training and related activities as part of a school-wide and statewide strategy for workforce development.
  6. Maintain an ongoing plan of needs assessment coupled with tracking of accomplishments in order to implement continuous quality improvement and evaluate progress toward accomplishing all goals and objectives.
  7. Maintain and expand collaborative projects linking academic programs, practice partners and graduate students with medically underserved communities, linking these projects with the training of community and practice partners.
  8. Continue exercising leadership in the network of U.S. training centers to promote sharing of curriculum and needs assessments, further an understanding of training center activities among policy makers and other stakeholders, and strengthen relationships with partner organizations.
  9. Develop a stable, continuing stream of governmental, foundation and institutional resources to maintain the MPHTC at the end of the current five-year grant period.