Technical Requirements

While you may access course materials on a variety of devices such as Macs, PCs, and mobile devices with a variety of browsers, please refer to the information provided below for specific recommendations and system parameters.

General Web Browser Recommendations: We recommend using Firefox or Internet Explorer to access your Training Gateway account and to view our training materials. Google Chrome is known to be incompatible with elements of the Training Gateway and Mediasite recordings.

CTools/Canvas (On-Demand Course Materials)

Several of our trainings are offered via the University of Michigan CTools/Canvas platforms. After registration, please allow two business days for the system administrator to add you to the courses. In the meantime, you will need to create a UM Friends Account to use to login to the CTools/Canvas site. The following courses are hosted in this way:

  • Effective Leadership for Healthy Communities
  • Legal Basis for Population Health Parts 1-5
  • Six Weeks to Genomic Awareness

System Requirements

Canvas has been carefully crafted to accommodate low bandwidth environments (Minimum of 512kbps) and is designed to work with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and other browsers. For additional technical requirements, see the full list of supported browsers at and computer specifications at

Mediasite Technology (On-Demand Webcasts)

Several of our on-demand trainings are offered via Mediasite Technology. Mediasite technology delivers streaming video, audio and visual aids (slides) synchronized as the presenter speaks.

System Requirements

Mediasite system requirements include a computer with a high speed connection (DSL or higher), speakers or headphones, a supported browser and compatible media player. Mediasite uses either Windows Media Player, Microsoft Silverlight, or Adobe Flash for streaming audio visual presentations depending on your internet browser. For a system compatibility test and a list of supported browsers and media player requirements, see

Optional: You may connect the computer video output to a projector so that the presentation can be viewed by a large group. Please make sure everyone registers for the course, completes the evaluation, and passes the post-quiz independently in order to receive a certificate of completion.


A Mediasite presentation viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer utilizes the Microsoft Media Player. Often problems in viewing a presentation are resolved with updates to Windows Media Player, drivers or codecs. Mediasite formerly used Microsoft Silverlight in Google Chrome, but the two are no longer compatible. Please use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer to view these presentations.

Streaming video and audio generally take 15 to 30 seconds to prepare to run if you have a fast Internet connection. Please be patient as Windows Media Player starts the video stream from our server to your computer. Audio sometimes begins 5 to 10 seconds before the video. Check that your headphones are plugged in or that your speakers are connected and turned on and adjust the volume as needed.

Some sites may experience difficulties viewing webcasts due to technical issues regarding:

  • Bandwidth. If two or more persons need to view the webcast at the same time at one site, they should view it from a single computer or a conference room with projection and audio capabilities.
  • Firewalls. Firewalls may block video and/or audio. Ask your firewall administrator to ensure that these ports TCP/80 (http) and TCP/554 (rtsp) are open to

Adobe Connect (Live and On-Demand Webcasts)

Adobe Connect delivers live and on-demand course materials and web conferencing.  These trainings run best on laptop or desktop computers – the University of Michigan does not officially support Adobe Connect on mobile devices at this time.

System Requirements

For a list of supported browsers and computer platforms, see You may run a system test at

Tips for Viewing Live Webcasts:

  • Sign in will open 5 minutes before start time and close 10 minutes after the program begins. After completing the survey, sign into the Adobe Connect room as a guest. You do not need to use your Michigan PHTC account information and no password is necessary.
  • For maximum audio and video quality, use a hardwired internet connection.

Trainings Recorded Using Other Tools

Occasionally you may be asked to view course materials that were created using software that requires different tools for playback than the ones listed above.

System Requirements

Generally speaking, materials created using the tools below will run on most platforms. For technical specifications of each tool, visit the links provided.