Health Effects of the 2008 Northern California Wildfires

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Colleen Reid

Colleen Reid’s research focuses on the interaction of environmental and social exposures on population health with a particular focus on the health impacts of exposures influenced by global climatic changes and society’s responses to those changes. Specifically, she has led research projects on the health impacts of the 2008 northern California wildfires, and the creation and evaluation of a national neighborhood-level map of vulnerability to extreme heat events.

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  • Discuss evidence of climate change-related health effects regarding smoke inhalation
  • Identify geospatial and temporal analysis techniqures used in an epidemiological study


The Michigan Public Health Training Center was pleased to support the recording of this lecture. The seminar series is provided by the UM Graham Sustainability Institute, MLEEaD Center, and Michigan Tech Research Institute.

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This recording originated from the UM SPH Environmental Research Seminar series on January 10, 2017. 

Health effects of the 2008 Northern California wildfires: A spatiotemporal approach.

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