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Adam Connor

Adam Connor - Day of Design Thinking - Michigan Public Health Training Center

As an Experience Design Director with Mad*Pow, Adam combines 12+ years of experience in interaction and experience design with a background in computer science, film, and animation to create effective and easy-to-use digital products and services. He believes that no matter how utilitarian a tool is, at the core of its creation lies a story; uncovering that story is key to its success.

Adam is also a strong proponent of communication and collaboration in the design process and has worked through Mad*Pow to establish content and training workshops that help teams  learn how to work better together to design products and services that exceed their users' expectations. Additionally you can often find Adam speaking or leading workshops at conferences and industry events as he works to help people from both inside and outside design professions improve the ways they work together.

Adam is also an independent illustrator and has often leveraged what he’s learned working in other creative endeavors in his work in experience design. Occasionally, he shares his perspectives on design at and

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