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Donele Wilkins

Donele Wilkins

Leader, visionary, results oriented, Donele Wilkins has demonstrated servant leadership in her hometown Detroit for nearly 20 years. First by leading the local movement for environmental justice on the front-lines and secondarily, expanding to achieving true sustainability for all.  Her leadership style has motivated many to take their place in a truly transforming movement.  Her achievements include participation in the development and adoption of an Environmental Justice Policy in the state of Michigan, conceiving and launching the first Green Jobs Training Program in the city.  She’s been an advocate for citizen involvement in Brownfield Redevelopment as well as other environmental policy, placing environmental stewardship on the agenda of many community leaders and decision makers.  Ms. Wilkins is noted for inspiring young people to take a lead in their communities.  As the founder of The Green Door Initiative, Donele plans to take not only the city of Detroit to the next level of environmental stewardship but the nation. GDI stands out as a national model for sustainable living through civic engagement for everyone!

Courses Taught by Donele Wilkins

Collaboration to support a globe

Blue Skies with Green Allies: A Role for All Sectors in Environmental Health

These recordings originated at the UM SPH Office of Public Health Practice's 2015 Community Health Leadership Summit held on September 16, 2015 at the University of Michigan.

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