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Judith B. Westers, MSN, BS, RN

Judith B. Westers | Michigan Public Health Training Center

Judy has been a nurse for over 18 years. Prior to that she was a YMCA program director with a specialty in leadership development. Judy has a passion for patient-centered care where decisions and resources revolve around the most important needs of the patient and family. Rooted in Jean Watson’s model of human caring, Judy has built her nursing practice with an emphasis on building strong, trusting and caring relationships. Judy’s philosophy embodies the concept of whether you have five minutes, five hours, five days, months or years, caring moments are at the core of how we connect as human beings. Judy has extensive experience teaching, guiding and coaching audiences to elevate their work to the highest level of caring possible for each relationship and each situation.

Courses Taught by Judith B. Westers