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Michael Hawley

Michael Hawley - Day of Design Thinking - Michigan Public Health Training Center

As the leader of Mad*Pow’s user experience team, Michael leverages 15 years experience in the software industry and expertise in user experience research and usability to deliver value to clients such as Fidelity, Autodesk and Monster.

Prior to Mad*Pow, Michael served as usability project manager for Staples, where he led customer-facing initiatives including e-commerce and Web sites, marketing communications, and print materials. In addition, Michael worked at Bentley College Design and Usability Center where he was responsible for planning, executing and analyzing user experience evaluations for corporate clients in health care, financial services and academia.

Michael holds his MS in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley College McCallum Graduate School of Business, and a BA from the University of Michigan. He continues to explore trends within the UX discipline as a published columnist, with articles appearing in publications such as UXMatters, iMedia, TMCNet and CPWire.

When he’s not contributing to his Experience Design blog, Mike can be found climbing one of the mountains of New England with his growing family.

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