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Nathan Moore, PhD

Nathan Moore

Dr. Moore's Current research:

  • China. With colleagues at Zhejiang University (ZJU) I am working to combine remote sensing, climate modeling, hydrology, and crop modeling to develop estimates of crop yield, water quality, and land cover/land use change (LCLUC). In addition, with colleagues at MSU, I am researching impacts of land use change in urban environments on climate in China.
  • East Africa. I am modeling and projecting climate trends and variability in Eastern Africa as part of the Climate-Land Interactions Project (CLIP) at Michigan State University. I am employing a variety of GIS tools and remote sensing data to compare model results with observed temperature, rainfall, and other variables.
  • The Amazon. I am exploring the range of uncertainty in Amazonian land-climate interactions by explicitly simulating 50 different "worst case scenario" landscapes and 50 "best case scenario" landscapes.
  • Experimental Design. I am also interested in experimental design and how choices in the structure of an experiment can influence the range of possible outcomes.

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