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Rachel Morello-Frosch, PhD

Rachel Morello-Frosch

Rachel Morello-Frosch is Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management and the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley.  As an environmental health scientist, her research examines race and class determinants of environmental health among diverse communities in the US with a focus on social inequality, psychosocial stress and how these factors interact with environmental chemical exposures to produce environmental health inequalities. Much of her work has examined this environmental justice question in the context of ambient air pollution, prenatal exposures to environmental chemicals and effects on developmental outcomes, often using community-based participatory research methods for data collection.  She is also exploring applications of non-targeted approaches to biomonitoring to improve efforts to fully characterize chemical exposures in vulnerable populations, including pregnant women and female occupational groups, including firefighters.  As part of this work she is also exploring the bioethical challenges of exposure assessment and chemical biomonitoring in marginalized communities and how to communicate results in ways that inform study participants about exposure sources and potential health implications.  Finally, in collaboration with researchers and regulatory scientists, she has worked to develop scientifically valid and transparent tools for assessing the cumulative impacts of chemical and non-chemical stressors to improve regulatory decision-making and advance environmental justice goals.  Rachel is co-author of Contested Illness: Citizens, Science and Health Social Movements.

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