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Toby Citrin, J.D.

Toby Citrin

Professor Toby Citrin pursued a dual career as attorney/business executive and public health activist after receiving his J.D. degree from Harvard in 1959. He has held numerous positions on state and local public health planning, policy, and advisory bodies, and chaired the Governor's Commission which developed Michigan's first Public Health Code. Professor Citrin is the director of the Center for Public Health and Community Genomics, whose mission is the integration of genomic discoveries into public health practice with consideration of the ethical, legal, and social issues associated with the application of these discoveries, as well as the involvement of the community at large.

Professor Citrin has played significant roles in developing and coordinating school-wide community-based public health programs to broaden and deepen the interchanges between SPH faculty and students and leaders and workers in community-based public health and social service organizations. These programs funded by foundation and governmental sources involve a variety of school-based and community-based activities in which students, faculty, and community members work in partnerships to identify and solve health-related problems. Professor Citrin has developed and directed projects in which these community-academic partnerships have engaged communities in genetics learning and policy development, and have linked community engagement with K-12 education in genomics and its implications for community health and health disparities.

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