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Yolanda Hill-Ashford, MSW

Yolanda Hill-Ashford

As the program manager Yolanda is responsible for the day-to-day operations that include the training and delegation of duties of staff, coordination of operationalizing all objectives, budget compliance and reporting. Yolanda has over 20 years in public health with an extensive background in community-based participatory research, outreach, education and training. She has worked diligently building collaboratives, for the empowerment, employment and training of community health workers (CHW’s) in the city of Detroit. Working collectively with educational institutions, the community, and public and private business sectors Yolanda chaired the development of a certificate program for CHW’s at Wayne County Community College.

The goal of this certificate program was to provide a standard skill set for CHW’s as determined by employers, and to also provide an educational ladder for those who wish to further their education. Yolanda has participated in numerous research initiatives that focused on the social determinants of health, health literacy, asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, health promotion, breast and cervical cancer, access to healthy foods and access to health care. All of these initiatives have had a very strong training, outreach, and community mobilization component to which she was instrumental in developing. Yolanda’s goals as a public health social worker are grounded in her desire to ensure a healthy life for all who live, work, visit, or play in the city of Detroit. 

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